Covid-19 Activities

The announcement of the 21-day lockdown to provide food support to families of daily wage earners across cities, who might have lost out on employment in this time of crisis. 

Your small contribution will support us to feed family members

Providing Fertilizers and Medicines to The Farmers at  Affordable Rates by The Instituting and Training Them in Organic Farming. To Promote and Support the Schemes Being Run by the Government.

Food packet distribution for poor

During Covid -19 OurInstitutionDistributed Pulse  Rice , Turmeric ,Chilli , Oil .Soap ,Potato , Onion to the Poor Helpiess.

Help us to feed poor

This team is made of up individuals who care. Our connections in the community and experience with financial management and service programs enable us to make your donation go as far as it can.


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