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The Samriddhi  Welfare Society is Non Government Organization. It was registered with Govt. of Madhya Pradesh Bhopal under registration of Societies Act. as amended vide Registration of Societies (Madhya Pradesh first Amendment Act.) 1973 Since inception the society has been actively working for the children welfare programs and provides its services for adolescent mentoring activities, the organization provides opportunities including vocational training no-forms education to working children able their entry education has been discontinued for some reason with a view to group and develop the children in to responsible citizen.

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Padma Dixit

This organization acts as mentors for homeless and socially backward children including scheduled casts tribe and other backward classes by way of providing tutorial and education declasses. The society has been actively working in medicinal Plantations/rising and other NGO activities for rural people in villages come under its jurisdiction. The society has also conducted training on nursery raising/Plantation by inviting some experts from outside the villages. The members are well equipped with the knowledge of rising and plantation and the organization have been supplying the nursery plant as well as to other planters.

SAMRIDDHI WELFARE SOCIETY  has established in 15 January 2018 and registered under Section 1973 (Society Reg. No.“01/01/01/33307/18).

I also invite you to join us on this epic journey. As you explore this Web site, I hope you will consider becoming an active participant in future and think about the positive impact you can make through this platform. Look forward to your contribution and participation.

Thank You


We have the entire Basic infrastructure to achieve the goals and objectives of the project. We have done several work towards the Ladies and Children to make them economically self sufficient in every field.


Our organization started it works from grass-root level and then gradually going up to address other groups who will be the beneficiary in the project or take holders. We have associated with Science, Economic and Value Addition concept which is basically the need of the citizens.



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